Our history


In 1968 the workers of a local Company by the name of Chemidus requested permission, and funds, to start their own football team. The newly founded team Chemidus S.S.C was entered into the Ashford Sunday League, run by the Managers of the Company.


In 1971/72 Chemidus S.S.C achieved promotion into the 1st Division after being crowned Division 2 Champions. That was the first and last trophy that the club would win as Chemidus S.S.C and as the fortune of club began to change the Managers of the Company handed over the running of the team to the Alan Murton.


In 1973 the Company was amalgamated with Wavin Plastics and the club changed its name to Wavin F.C still under the management of Alan Murton. It wasn’t until 1978/79 that the team proudly won the Eric Hatcher Memorial Trophy. This was to be the only trophy won as Wavin F.C.


In 1984 Wavin Plastics decided to move location and closed down the Ashford based factory. The club decided to amalgamate with a local team by the name of Ashford Spartans who at the time were looking to pull out of the Ashford Sunday League. Ashford Spartans F.C (as known today) was born.


In 2002 Alan Murton handed over the Management position to Shaun Hardwick. It took 2-3 seasons to rebuild the side following the loss of many players due to retirement etc… but since then the team have gone from strength to strength, once again challenge for titles with the addition of new talent, great team spirit and an ever increasing self confidence.


In 2004 Paul Hart was appointed as Coach. Paul had a successful 4 years with the club before leaving in 2008.


In 2007 Alan (now in his late 70’s) decided to start making succession plans to secure the Clubs future. With this in mind he decided to appoint Shaun Hardwick Chairman of the Club.


In 2008 Alan Murton unexpectedly announced his retirement after 37 years of service as Secretary but before leaving handed over the reins to Shaun. 


2008 saw the dawn of a new age for the Club. In order to make sure that Shaun could fulfil his promise to Alan and keep the Club running for a further 40 years, he decided to appoint his brother, Deryn Hardwick as Assistant Secretary to the Club.


Deryn had been with the Club since 2000 and was just as passionate about the Club and its continuation.


In 2009 & 2011 Richard Amos & Pete Thomas took the position of Assistant Manager, respectively, both leaving the post after a year. 


The club continued to build following the departure of both Richard & Pete until 2018 when Zack Harden took the position of Assistant Manager and then subsequently Manager in 2020. 


Zack's hard work and commitment has been amazing and has help strengthen the club further. Thanks for everyting Zack it is much appreciated.


About us


Ashford Spartans Football Club have teams in the Ashford & District Sunday League & the Ashford & District 5-A-Side Football League.


We are one of the only original clubs remaining in both the above leagues, making us one of longest service clubs.


At the present time we only have adult teams. 


About us



1971/72 - Sunday League Division 2 Champions


1978/79 - Sunday League Division 3 Runners Up


1978/79 - Sunday League Eric Hatcher Memorial Trophy


1987/88 - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Cup Winners


1988/89 - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Cup Winners


1992/93 - Sunday League Division 3 Trophy


1997/98 - Sunday League Division 2 Champions


1997/98 - Sunday League Division 2 Trophy


1999/00 - Sunday League Eric Hatcher Memorial Trophy


2005/06 - 5-A-Side Division 2 League Cup Runners Up


2006/07 - Sunday League Division 4 League Cup Runners Up


2007/08 - 5-A-Side Longest Serving 5-A-Side Team (25yrs)

                - Sunday League Sheber Trophy Runners Up


2009/10 - 5-A-Side Knock-out Trophy Runners Up

                - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Cup Winners


2010/11 - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Cup Runner Up


2011       - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Cup Runners Up


2011-12 - 5-A-Side Gillard Cup Runners Up


2012-13 - 5-A-Side Gillard Cup Winners


2013      - 5-A-Side Longest Serving 5-A-Side Team (30yrs)


2013-14 - 5-A-Side Division 1 League Runners Up


2014      - 5-A-Side Hildaray Trophy Winners